Flute & Headjoint Trials

Our experienced staff is ready and eager to assist you through your new instrument search. To make things easy, we offer several ways to trial our instruments through In-shop trials, On-site trials, Teacher Studio trial and 7-day trial program.


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In-shop Trials

Visiting the Nagahara Flutes Shop is the best way to try our complete line of instruments with one-on-one specialized attention. On site we are able to provide our clients with a more complete trial process having all the different option in hand, allowing you to try and narrow down the selection fully informed not only by our expert consultant's recommendations and demonstrations but also by hands on experience.


Our trial room has lively acoustics and is comfortably furnished complete with a Steinway baby grand piano. Shop tours are also available during trial visits to meet the makers and learn about the process of flute making.


Please contact our shop to set up your appointment and secure your trial instrument selection. Friends, colleagues, teachers and trusted ears are also welcome during your trial appointment.

On-site Trials


Throughout the year, Nagahara Flutes representatives travel to several flute events, festivals, fairs, conventions and even Universities! We encourage you to visit our booth in these events which are a great way to try our instruments for the first time and get acquainted with the different models, alloys, and the overall design.


For those who wish to try our flutes in a quieter environment with individualized attention from one of our Nagahara flutes experts we offer private trial appointments during these events which can be scheduled on site or ahead of time. To see a list places we plan to visit next and check if we'll be near you visit our Events Schedule.

Teacher Studio Trial

For those teachers with thriving studios who are in the process of helping students in their flute search we offer the option of a complementary initial Studio trial. This trial opportunity is a budget friendly option for students and allows several studio members to try the instruments through the 7 day trial time. Following this initial trial, students are welcome to request a selection of flutes and headjoints on trial through the 7-day Trial Program described below.


To set up a Studio trial the teacher is requested to please contact our office and a sales representative will be happy to assist in scheduling the trial time and selection according to material preference, budget and timeline for delivery.  

Flute & Headjoint 7-day Trial Program


Nagahara Flutes offers a 7-day  trial program for USA customers  to try flutes and/or headjoint in their own performance environment.   We ship up to four headjoints or two flutes with four headjoints. Trials usually begin on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  Over-the-weekend shipping is always avoided for security reasons and the well being of the instruments.


To request a trial,  please complete the form below. A representative will be in touch with you in the next 48 hrs to schedule your trial and discuss available options. A major credit card number (Visa, MasterCard, or AmEx) will be requested for the payment of the trial and will be held in file to be used to cover repair or replacement costs in the unforeseen event that any damage or loss happens while the instrument(s) are under the customer's care. 


*To try a Nagahara Mini, please visit our Getting a Mini page.