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The Nagahara Extended riser (US Patent #5,844,156)

Within the scope of flute making Kanichi Nagahara’s special passion is the headjoint. His years of research and experience have led to our second patent- the Extended-Lip riser.


This unique riser, also known as the “Nagahara Riser”,  has a front protrusion or “lip” which extends up into the plane of the lipplate , leaving no solder line at the blowing edge.  Since both surfaces where the sound is produced are of the same material, the sound is enhanced. The effect can be compared to having an entire lipplate of equal material. For example, a silver headjoint with an 18K gold Extended-Lip riser has a similar sound to that of a silver headjoint with an 18K gold lipplate and riser.



The Extended riser is available in the following materials:


  • 14k Rose Gold

  • 16k Rose Gold 

  • 18k Yellow Gold

  • 18k White Gold

  • 20k Pink Gold 

  • 22k Yellow Gold

  • Platinum


Our most popular material combinations are silver lip plates with gold or platinum Nagahara risers and gold lip plates with platinum Nagahara risers.  **New for 2024: All Nagahara headjoints come standard with the patented Nagahara Extended riser.

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