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Nagahara Signature Alloys


Nagahara Flutes has become to be known as a pioneer in the development of new technology and patented designs for the flute. Additionally, Kanichi Nagahara has developed two unique gold alloys created exclusively flute-making. 


For many years Kanichi Nagahara desired to bring something unique to the area of metals for the flute. Initially he considered using 16K gold, but upon hearing Sir James Galway on his 18K Nagahara flute during a performance at the Lincoln Center (NY), he was inspired to create a purer gold alloy.


The Nagahara signature 20k gold alloy was developed in 2006. Sir James purchased the very first 20k gold headjoint, and after experiencing much success, he ordered the first 20k gold flute made in February 2007.


With a warm, luscious and present tone, this 20K alloy gives the player endless possibilities of  color change, projection, and musical expression. This is truly the alloy for the professionals and a gratifying challenge for those growing in their studies.


Being a heavier material, the 20k gold possesses a higher resistance level requiring full breath support and technique in order to  produce a resonant and vibrant tone. Flute made of 20k gold flutes are often matched with 20k or 18k gold headjoints.  20k gold headjoints are also found to be a great match for lower karat flute bodies.


Specially formulated by Kanichi Nagahara, 16K gold is an ideal alloy with which to work  and perform.The idea of a 16k gold alloy came to mind in 1996 in the search for an alloy option that would display similar tonal qualities to that of the very elegant 18k gold, while manufacturing qualities that would make the metal easier to work with during production.


After years of contemplating this new gold alloy, the 16K gold flute  was finally developed on January 2011.  Encompassing the best of both worlds together, this beautiful  new gold  option has the flexibility of the 14K gold intertwined with the elegant projection of the 18K gold .

Warmth, artistic flexibility and colorful tone are some of the characteristic flutists discover when playing the unique and exclusive 16K Nagahara gold instruments. While 16K headjoints are commonly paired with 14K or 16K bodies, they are also a great match for musicians wishing to upgrade their silver instruments. 


The crew at Nagahara Flutes is very excited to offer yet another unique option form which flutists may choose, allowing each customer to find his or her own individual voice and style!

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