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Financing Options


Congratulations! If you are reading this then you are considering making an important investment

to upgrade your instrument to a Nagahara Flute!  


Having a new, quality professional hand-made flute is key to opening new doors leading towards untouched potential and musical possibilities, enabling you to let go of worries about your instrument’s performance and concentrate in music making. At Nagahara we know how important this decision is to you and thus we have found a way to provide secure financing for our customers as described below.

Financing by NoteWorthy

The NoteWorthy Federal Credit Union crew is dedicated and passionate about helping financing needs within the arts community. Noteworthy, formally know as Local 4 Musician's Credit Union was founded in 1960 specializing in loans for musical instrument and has now branched out their services to other markets. 


NoteWorthy is a not-profit cooperative governed by a democratically elected board of directors. While members come from a wide range of arts organizations, NoteWorthy is an independent institution operating under a federal credit-union charter. All deposits up to $250,000 are guaranteed by the National Credit Union Administration, a federal agency.


*To join, all you need to do is open an account with a $25 minimum balance.

Here are a couple scenarios for loan payments* (rates subject to change):


$10,000 loan at 11.00% for 48 months = monthly payment of $209.46

$10,000 loan at 11.00% for 84 months (longest fixed term available) = monthly payment of $171.34

*as of March 2023.

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