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To view our current price list please click on the links bellow:

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For International Customers: The Nagahara Flutes authorized dealer prices include the appropriate importation and shipping costs applicable to each country, thus prices may vary. Please ask your local dealer for information on their individual shop warranties. Customers must first contact the original dealer to initiate any manufacturing warranty claim as shipping must be done through them due to customs regulations. However, many of our dealers have sent staff to be trained at the Nagahara flutes shop for particular repair techniques and to learn about specifics on our instruments. Dealers also carry or can easily obtain original Nagahara Flutes parts and materials for maintenance and repairs as needed. For a list of our current active Authorized dealers visit our Dealers page.


Note: Prices are subject to change without notice. Direct Order prices for instruments with silver mechanism are determined according to rates at the time of ordering, and for instruments with gold mechanism at the time of production start (USA customers only). Orders for flutes are accepted without a deposit. A non-refundable 50% down payment is required before production begins, and the final payment is due prior to Delivery of the instrument. Shipping for direct orders only available within the continental USA, and to territories with no established authorized dealers in place where shipping is deamed to be a safe procedure. Direct customers abroad are responsible for all shipping cost including applicable duties and taxes. Repair and maintenance services to direct customers abroad are only available if the instrument is shipped from and returned to a continental USA address or brought to our shop.

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