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Headjoint Options for the Mini


Because we all play differently, Nagahara developed three distinct headjoint styles for the Mini enhancing unique qualities in each selection.



The Mini’s headjoint styles includes the following:

  • M1  - the most traditional headjoint style available for the Mini, the M1 features a flat profile offering moderate resistance with good flexibility in the sound and a more traditional "feel". This headjoint style comes standard with every Mini.

  • M2  - much like a modern flute’s headjoint, the M2 style features a carved lipplate for extra comfort and support, providing smoothness in the sound and clean articulation throughout all the registers with a bit more ease in the attack of the notes. This option is available as an upgrade feature.

  • M3  - inspired by our “Konami” lipplate design for flutes, the M3 cut emphasizes clarity of tone and ease of articulation all while projecting a warm mellow tone.  The carved lipplate with raised sides by the embouchure hole helps focus the air column for immediate gratifying results. This option is available as an upgrade feature.

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