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The Galway Locking Crown

In early 2006, Kanichi Nagahara and Sir James Galway discussed  the common problem of a headjoint crown becoming loose as well as how to further enhance the resonance of a headjoint.  Mr. Nagahara was aware of this issue for some time, but it was not only after this conversation that he thought of  an elegant and simple solution: the Galway Locking Crown.


How does it work?


Consisting of a “Top” & “Base” section, this brilliant two-piece crown was originally designed to improve security and stability of the crown and to avoid the “buzzy” loose crown issues. The installation process it's easy and simple with no need to remove or replace the cork assembly. To install the Locking Crown, simply remove the existing crown off the headjoint, twist in the base section of the Locking Crown all the way into the headjoint leaving visible only a top rim of the base and then twist in the top section of the Locking Crown until it is securely fitted on top of the base. 


The Galway Locking Crowns are designed to fit cork assemblies made with English threading, which includes the vast majority of American made flutes. Not only does this design keep the crown securely in place but as an added bonus the Locking Crown has proven to make a huge difference in the sound of any headjoint!

A Tonal Difference


One would be surprise as to how much a Locking Crown can enhance the tone of an instrument. This has been proven true by many flutists around the globe who transformed their sound with this little addition. When using the right Top & Base combination on a flute most players experience the following changes:


  • An increase ease of the articulation,

  • Better note attack for pianissimos (especially in the upper register)

  • More clarity in the middle-lower register (less tendency to "crack" the note)

  • An increased control of intonation on the top register,

  • More focused/centered core in the the sound,

  • Greater projection power & resonance

  • New found lower harmonics in the sound never explored before

Material and Weight options


All Nagahara metal headjoints  come standard with the Galway Locking Crown- light base edition. Silver headjoints feature an all silver locking crowns Top & Base and the gold headjoints feature a 14k gold Top and a silver Base with a gold ring giving the appearance of having an all gold crown from the exterior.



Other materials and weight options are a followed:


  • Bases Weights:  Light, Medium, Heavy, & Extra heavy.


  • Materials for Tops: Solid sterling silver, 10k Gold w/ silver ring and solid 14k Gold.


  • Materials for Bases: Solid sterling silver,  silver with 14k gold ring,  solid 14k gold.


You are able to mix  and match between the tops and the bases to get the right combination for you!


*All 14k bases are only offered in the Medium and Heavy weights. Crown top jewel installations are considered a custom job at an additional cost.



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