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The Nagahara-Galway Collaboration

The Sir James Galway professional flute model is our greatest  creation to date. It is sure to surpass all expectations. Beautifully made, this flute model include many enhancements such as a especial key-cup design for improved grip and security,  detail cuts and angles in places such as the back connectors and the G# key cup for a more elegant look, an original Galway-Nagahara logo, the wearless mechanism, and the essence of the lush Galway sound captured through the Galway headjoint.


Although this instrument is fully customizable, we listed some spec suggestion below according to the preferred flute specifications of the Master himself:


Inline G - Sir James plays on inline G flutes.This placement of the G key is known to be most traditional and some people claim it has a better sonority. The inline instruments tend to be lighter weight than the offset G flutes having one less line of mechanism. The High E also speaks easier in most inline flutes without the need of a Split E or High E Facilitator. 


C# Trill - Having many advantages, the C# trill has become to be known as one of the most useful "gadgets" in the flute's mechanism. Sir James always has a C# trill on his flutes to facilitate some trills, tremolos and the intonation of the C# note. This option is great if utilized properly and included in daily studies to improve agility in one's technique. See Additional options for more information about the C# trill.


No Gizmo Key - Although it is standard these days to have a B-foot flute with a Gizmo key instantly included to ease the tone production and improve the intonation of high register notes such as B7 and C7, Sir James prefers not to have the Gizmo at all. Why is that you say? Sir James recommends to press down and activate all three footjoint keys (C#, C and B) for improved tone and intonation on the top register notes because it is easier to reach (by the pinky finger) and this method provides a better balance of the instrument/hand position. 




The Galway  model flutes are available with the following specifications:


  • A solid Gold or Platinum body and headjoint tube (see Metals page for all options)

  • Solid Silver or Gold key mechanism & soldered toneholes (for gold mechanism, see K.N. Exclusive)

  • Open-hole (French) key cups

  • Improved key design with taller ridges for better grip

  • Nagahara Pinless mechanism

  • Nagahara Wearless Mechanism Type II

  • B-foot joint

  • No Gizmo Key (added upon request)

  • Inline or offset

  • The Nagahara Thumb key

  • TRIAD pads

  • Pitch: A=442

  • An exclusive Galway model headjoint design

  • Galway Locking crown with light base

  • Additional Options: Split E, C# trill, Wearless mechanism type III, D# roller, 14k Gold rings (for flutes with silver mechanism), keys & lipplate engraving.

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