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The Mini's Features


Every Nagahara Mini is handmade at our shop in  Chelmsford, MA  using unique patented  designs and top quality materials. The construction of this revolutionary instrument combines our superior handcrafting techniques with modern technology for best accuracy. 

Low B-key touch system
Mini photo April 2019 4.JPG
All pin-less system 
C# Mechanism

The Mini’s standard design includes the following features:

  • Aged exotic wood body & headjoint (selections include African Blackwood, Pink Ivory, Olive wood and Mopane).

  • Hand-made solid sterling silver mechanism with French-style pointed arms.

  • Unique tapered bore body and head joint (US Patent #7,439,428) "Beyond the Boehm system"

  • Special Scale design (US Patent #9,040,794  #9,236,037  #9,424,821)

  • Enlarged toneholes for increased ventilation and greater tone projection.

  • Nagahara Thumb key design (US Patent #5,708,226)

  • C# Mechanism (US Patent #9,257,105) 

  • B-footjoint with the NEW B-key touch system extending range down to low B  (US Patent #7,439,428 B1)

  • G#-key touch to facilitate the high G-A trill & G-G# trill  (operated by Right-Hand)

  • Hand-made custom pad design ( Apex V5 )

  • All pinless mechanism

  • Precision tenon fitting design

  • A choice of three distinct selections of headjoint lipplate & riser design.

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