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The K.N. Exclusive Flutes

Described as the "Dream Flute"  and the "Ferrari of the Flute world", the K.N. Exclusive flutes are definitely the gold standard when it comes to flutes. These exquisite, all-gold Nagahara Flutes are made exclusively by master flutemaker, Kanichi Nagahara. These instruments display the highest standards of any flute made today; equally capable of the most subtlest tone color changes as well as the most extreme dynamic variations, all while featuring the smoothest mechanism found in the industry.


Flutists regularly travel from all over the world to the Nagahara shop for a special consultation with Kanichi Nagahara. In this way they may customized their all-gold flute to their unique playing style and to acquire the voice they've always dreamed of.


These instruments are available exclusively with gold or platinum tube, gold toneholes and gold mechanism. There is an estimated two-years wait to obtain a K.N. Exclusive Nagahara flute, but as each of our satisfied clients agrees, it truly is worth waiting for a once-in-a lifetime flute.



The K.N. Exclusive flute is available with the following options:


  • Standard, Galway or Full Concert model

  • A solid gold or platinum body and headjoint tube (see Metals page for all options)

  • Solid 14k Gold key mechanism & soldered toneholes

  • 14k Gold rings

  • Open-hole (French) or Closed-hole (Plateau) key cups

  • B-foot or C-foot joint

  • Inline or offset

  • Nagahara Pinless mechanism

  • The Nagahara Thumb key

  • TRIAD pads

  • Pitch: A=440, A=442, or A=444

  • Galway Locking crown with light base

  • Additional Options: Split-E, C# trill, D# roller, keys & lipplate engraving. 

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