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About Us: The Man and Team behind Nagahara Flutes

Our History


Born and raised in Japan, Kanichi Nagahara began his flute making career as an apprentice at the Sankyo Flute company in Japan concentrating in headjoint making, research and development. He studied traditional Japanese metalworking (including engraving, chasing, and inlay), with Mr. Asai, a master silver smith, and spent 6 months at a technical school in Tokyo studying machinery. In 1987, Kanichi left for the US and began working in two well-known Boston flute manufacturers. During his three years tenure, he mainly worked in the piccolo and headjoint departments. In 1990 Mr. Nagahara left that position to start his own company. NNI Inc./Nagahara Flutes was founded in 1991 in North Reading, MA, as a small company of two and eventually, as the company grew, moved in 1999 to the current workshop in Chelmsford, MA. The company today consists of nine talented team members, including Kanichi Nagahara who remains in the center of the production crew.


Nagahara is truly a one-of-a-kind company, making a one-of-a-kind instrument. Having worked with both Japanese and American flute makers, Kanichi Nagahara has created an instrument which draws on the best aspects of both worlds, combining Japanese production ingenuity with traditional Boston craftsmanship. Today, Nagahara Flutes is viewed as a top flute maker among the flute community and a worthy pioneer in the development of the modern flute holding several patents which have improved the flute's design. Hand-made for each customer, professional and recreational flutists over the world chose to play a Nagahara for their reliability and craftsmanship. Join them, enjoy the freedom of expression and enhanced virtuosity found in every Nagahara Flute.

Our Mission


Over the past century the Boehm-style flute has seen relatively little change. At Nagahara Flutes we have a staff filled with innovative minds constantly looking for new ways to improve the performance and quality of the modern flute for the comfort of the performer. We are committed to producing flutes that will assure the player an enjoyable and secure performance experience, knowing that their instrument will assist as an ally to their art, not an obstacle to overcome.


Precision, artistic expression, and comfort is what Nagahara strives to achieve with each flute we make, continuing our mission to make the best flute made anywhere, enabling freedom of expression to every flutist’s voice.

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