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Body & Mechanism Material Options


All Nagahara flutes are handcrafted by our expert flutemakers at the Nagahara Flutes shop in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA. Kanichi Nagahara inspects each flute along with the quality control manager and final tester to ensure that every instrument meets the company's highest standards prior to delivery. Flutes with gold mechanism are made exclusively by Kanichi Nagahara himself. 


Each flute comes with a headjoint of matching tubing material with the option to upgrade to a different alloy. Silver flutes come standard with sterling silver lip plate, traditional riser, and light base edition Galway Locking Crown. Gold instruments made of all karats come standard with 14k gold lip plate with traditional riser, 14k gold crown top and a light weight silver Galway Locking Crown base with a gold ring. The 10k gold flute basic features are a 10k gold lip plate, 14k gold traditional riser and a 10k gold crown top with a light weight silver Galway Locking Crown base. Instruments with silver mechanism are made with silver ribs, posts, and rings. Likewise, flutes made with 14k gold mechanism feature 14k gold ribs, posts, and rings.


A more detailed list of material options is found below according to flute model.

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