Nagahara Flutes

Professional Handmade Flutes

All Nagahara Flutes are handmade in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, using a combination of the Traditional Boston craftsmanship technique and Japanese ingenuity. Each and every Nagahara flute features soldered toneholes, French-style pointed arms, the patented Nagahara Thumb Key, the Nagahara Pinless Mechanism and a custom, hand-cut headjoint. All headjoints are exclusively made by founder and owner of  Nagahara Flutes, Kanichi Nagahara.


Nagahara offers three distinct flute models: the Standard , Full Concert, and Galway models. Additionally, we offer the Kanichi Nagahara (K.N.) exclusive flute made by the master craftsman himself, featuring the flute model of your choice & all gold material options (gold tube, toneholes & mechanism).


Additional custom options available include: underslung Split-E mechanism, C# trill, High E Facilitator (H.E.F.), D# roller, Wearless Mechanism installation, a wide range of tubing and mechanism alloys, Pitch (A=440, A=442, or A=444), and custom engravings. 


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