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The Galway Model Headjoint

“This is a headpiece which gives you a better staccato, offers you more tone colors, has great projection and gives you the possibility to play better on any flute you have it fitted to. With one of these headpieces, many of your difficulties will disappear.”

-Sir James Galway

Kanichi Nagahara has always had a knack for observing and learning from flutists to create something that assists the flutist to further their art. The Galway headjoint was inspired not only by Sir James Galway, but by the many flutists who have approached Kanichi at the different shows and conventions he attends yearly. 


The Galway headjoint is the perfect tool to get your thoughts across to the audience enabling ease of flexibility, strong resonance, and freedom of expression among all registers. The design of this new modern lipplate curvature combines with the newly created   “G” cut embodies comfort and strength at the same time.


Although the Galway model Flute is only available in gold tube material, the Galway headjoints are available in all metal options, including 958 silver and 950PT50 silver tubes.


The Galway headjoint is a standard feature with every Nagahara Galway Model Flute.

Inside the Maker’s Mind


“I have been listening to Sir James’ music for a very long time. Many years ago, he unexpectedly contacted me and shortly after our conversation he started playing his very own Nagahara flute. Since then my flute making inspiration has been greatly influenced by studying and analyzing Sir James’ idea of music making and his method of playing.  


Sir James’ sound is very unique and distinct, however he never mentions exactly what he wants  from the flute maker.  I have to observe his playing very closely to get a better idea of what he wants and then I experiment with many trials and models to create an instrument that complements his performance. We also share our knowledge about the flute and through these discussions I get a clear sense of his musical approach, which assists me greatly in the experimentation process.


Subsequently, we developed the Nagahara Galway model flute, named after him.  We kept the similar style of headjoint as the Standard model because Sir James really liked our original style, but later decided to move forward with a new headjoint model. I was very happy to introduce the special Galway headjoint for the first time in the world at the 2011 Galway  tour in Japan. The response from the flutists was extremely positive and since then the demand for this headjoint has grown. 


As a flute maker I feel so fortunate that I am able to work with Sir James Galway. With my 40+ years of flute making experience, specializing in headjoints, I feel confident to say that the Galway model headjoint is truly a great achievement and a milestone in my career."                                        

                                                                             --- Kanichi Nagahara,

                                                                                           Boston, MA                                                              

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