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The Full Concert Model

Achoo Lullaby - Jonathan Keeble

The Nagahara Full Concert model flute is truly a milestone in the history of the flute's design, development, and construction. Since Theobald Boehm, no other flute maker has successfully addressed every area of the flute's physical construction and acoustic properties. After over 10 years of research and experimentation, the Full Concert (FC) flute model was launched in 2005 and is now found in orchestras, universities and among professional and recreational flutists throughout the world.


While having the same mechanical construction and overall length of our Standard and Galway models, the Full Concert design has unique features enhancing different areas of the instrument, including:


  • A larger bore size providing greater air control, a wider range of dynamic capability, and increased projection.

  • An elongated headjoint for greater control of the tapering of the tube, giving more resonance to the sound.

  • A special scale carefully calibrated to take advantage of the tube dimensions for better intonation.

  • Closer hand position, giving a stronger sense of balance throughout the instrument both physically and in the sound.

  • Larger toneholes allowing greater ventilation and facilitating the flute's ability to "speak".


The Full Concert flute body is not compatible with headjoints of other makers. However, we offer the widest variety in materials and embouchure cuts available in the industry, allowing every flutist to find their own individual voice among the Nagahara FC headjoint selection.


The Nagahara Full Concert model flute is a revolutionary breakthrough in modern flute design. 


The Full Concert model flute is available with the following options:


  • A solid Silver or Gold body and headjoint tube (see Metals page for detailed options)

  • Solid Silver or Gold key mechanism & soldered toneholes (for gold mechanism, see K.N. Exclusive)

  • Open-hole (French) key cups

  • B-foot or C-foot joint

  • Inline, offset or Half-Offset G

  • Nagahara Pinless mechanism

  • The Nagahara Thumb key

  • TRIAD or Traditional pads

  • Pitch: A=442

  • Galway Locking crown with light base

  • Additional Options: Split E, C# trill, H.E.F., Wearless mechanism, D# or D#-C# roller(s),14k Gold rings, keys & lipplate engraving. 

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