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Nagahara Flutes is a flute manufacturer located in Chelmsford, MA specializing in professional hand made flutes, headjoints, and the Nagahara Mini - an innovative updated version of the piccolo. 

Nagahara Flutes  proudly presents:


Flute Chapters

Amy is a graduate of the Royal Irish Academy of Music and the Royal College of Music London, where she was a Russel Race Scholar, with a Distinction Masters of Music in Classical and Jazz Flute. She was also awarded the Tagore Gold Medal for her outstanding contribution musically and to the life of the Royal College of Music which was presented by HRH King Charles III.

"Special thanks to Kanichi Nagahara from Nagahara Flutes in Boston who handcrafted my dream flute which I played on this album. It is a 14K gold flute with silver keys and I am very proud to say that I am a Nagahara Flutes Young Artist".

Thank you so much for those kind and generous words Amy. All of us at Nagahara Flutes wish you nothing but the best for your continued success and wonderful accomplishments. You truly are an inspiration to us all!

                                            - Kanichi Nagahara

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Infuse your sound, play with soul. 

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The Piccolo 2.0. Dare to go beyond and break the limits. Learn more>

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