For the past few years, Kanichi Nagahara wanted to bring something unique in the area of metals to the flute world. Initially, he considered 16K gold, but after Sir James Galway received his second Nagahara flute (made of 18K gold), Kanichi began thinking of making flutes and headjoints of even purer gold.

Hearing Sir James on his 18K Nagahara at Lincoln Center in March, 2007 was the turning point and inspiration for a special 20K gold alloy. To make 20K gold ideal for flutes, Kanichi developed a special alloy that we call "20K Nagahara Gold".  The first "20K Nagahara Gold" headjoint was purchased by Sir James Galway.  He liked the headjoint so much that he also purchased the first "20K Nagahara Gold" flute!

With a warm and present tone, this 20K alloy gives the player endless possibilities of  color change, dynamics, and expression. This is truly the alloy for the pros and a gratifying challenge for those growing in their studies. The  luscious and dark sound of  this instrument will truly make you stand out!


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20K Nagahara Gold