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Welcome to Nagahara Flutes: The Place Where Innovation Comes to Life.

Over the past century the Boehm-style flute has seen relatively little change. At Nagahara Flutes we have a staff filled with innovative minds constantly looking for new ways to improve the performance and quality of  the modern flute for the comfort of the performer.

We are committed to producing flutes that will assure the player an enjoyable and secure performance experience, knowing that their instrument will assist as an ally to their art, not an obstacle  to overcome.

Through this web site we invite you to learn more about the special features which make Nagahara Flutes unique- innovations offering improved sound, dynamics and ergonomics.  Additionally, for your convenience we have included relevant information about our maintenance and repair services,  trials, order forms,  policies and warranty, and  authorized international dealer contacts.

Precision, artistic expression, and comfort is what Nagahara strives to achieve with each flute, continuing our mission to always deliver the best flute made anywhere, enabling freedom of expression to each flutist’s voice.


The Galway Model Headjoint

The Nagahara Galway  model headjoint  is truly a gem in the world of flutes. Developed by Sir James Galway and Kanichi Nagahara, this headjoint offers flutists of all levels - professionals, students, and aficionados- the opportunity to play  on an instrument that amplifies their artistry  with ease and freedom.

Having all the direct contact to your lips, the headjoint is widely known to be the most important part of the flute. But putting all romance aside, the headjoint really is the heart of the flute, taking every single command from the flutist and translating it to the audience into the musical language we all love to hear. This is why it is so crucial to have a great headpiece that works for your advantage- like the Galway  model headjoint.

Sir James Galway  said it best when he described the Galway model headjoint in his blog and said:

“This is a very special headpiece and it improves every flute I have ever tried one on.  I would urge you to try one on your flute and see the difference. This is a headpiece which gives you a better staccato, offers you more tone colors, has great projection and gives you the possibility to play better on any flute you have it fitted to. Of course it works best on a Nagahara flute. Having said that, owning one of these special headpieces  is the first step in getting a complete Nagahara. With one of these head pieces, many of your difficulties will disappear.”

Thank you Sir Galway for the great review and inspiration!

New Featured Artist Interview!

Jonathan Keeble is the flute professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and past president of the National Flute Association. He is also a highly acclaimed soloist, masterclass clinician, and chamber musician. We had the pleasure of interviewing him and are delighted to share some funny and inspiring insights shared by this wonderful artist!  Click here to read on.

Nagahara Flutes at Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair!!

Join us at the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair this February 21st- 22nd and try a great selection of Nagahara Flutes and headjoints. Also, try the one and only Nagahara Mini and ask about the Galway Model flute and headjoints! Looking forward to seeing you  there!


Nagahara Student Loan Program

Nagahara Flutes proudly offers student loans of up to  $10,000 at a low fixed  interest rate of 3.2% for a period of 3 years! We are currently taking applications for 2015 as only few of these are granted each year. Read more about it here and feel free to contact us for questions or more information!