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Nagahara in Pittsburgh, PA!

Join us at the Consummate Flutist Masterclass held at the Carnegie Mellon University School of music. Nagahara Flutist Alberto Almarza will be one of the featured faculty members along with Jeanne Baxtresser, former Solo flutist of the New York Philharmonic, and guest artist flutist Soo-Kyung Park. More details available here.

New Employment opportunities now posted

We are currently seeking experienced craftsmen  to join our production team. For more information, please refer to the Job Opportunities section.

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Welcome to Nagahara Flutes: The Place Where Innovation Comes to Life.

Over the past century the Boehm-style flute has seen relatively little change. At Nagahara Flutes we have a staff filled with innovative minds constantly looking for new ways to improve the performance and quality of  the modern flute for the comfort of the performer.

We are committed to producing flutes that will assure the player an enjoyable and secure performance experience, knowing that their instrument will assist as an ally to their art, not an obstacle  to overcome.

Through this web site we invite you to learn more about the special features which make Nagahara Flutes unique- innovations offering improved sound, dynamics and ergonomics.  Additionally, for your convenience we have included relevant information about our maintenance and repair services,  trials, order forms,  policies and warranty, and  authorized international dealer contacts.

Precision, artistic expression, and comfort is what Nagahara strives to achieve with each flute, continuing our mission to always deliver the best flute made anywhere, enabling freedom of expression to each flutist’s voice.


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Bravo Maestro Mazzanti!

We want to thank Maestro Nicola Mazzanti for presenting such a beautiful recital at theNagahara Mini showcase in the 2014 NFA convenition. As promised, here is a video performance of a brand new piece commissioned for the Nagahara Mini  featuring Nicola Mazzanti. Enjoy!     To B or not to B by Alessandro Cavicchi

Featured Item

The Nagahara Mini Review!

The Nagahara Mini is the latest sensation in the flute world. With it’s cylindrical bore body shape, tapered headjoint, enlarged toneholes, and brand new scale, this instrument opens up new musical possibilities for all flutists. And did we mention the Nagahara Mini reaches down to a LOW  B?

The reaction of the public so far has been fantastic. Approaching the Nagahara Mini with an open mind is KEY. When trying a Mini for the first time is always best to think  as if you were playing a flute, rather than a piccolo. Due to the cylindrical body shape, the Nagahara Mini reacts differently to the player’s air speed than a Piccolo which has a Conical body shape. The Conical body shape creates a chamber of air that decreases in size towards the foot section giving resistance and pressure to the air column. We ask new Mini players to use the same air support and embouchure as a flute which improves the tone in the low register, intonation and flexibility.

Maestro Nicola Mazzanti has greatly collaborated with the development of Nagahara Mini which remains an ongoing project as we never tire to strive for perfection! He presented a showcase of the Mini in this past NFA convention and performed a newly commissioned piece for the Mini entitle “To B or not to B” by Alessandro Cavicchi. We invite you watch the video performance and always welcome questions and feedback!

Galway masterclass in Japan, Save the date!

Catch Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway  in Japan this coming October 16th and 17th and try our flutes, Headjoints, and Nagahara Mini at the Yamano Music Center!  More details to come.