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Maintenance & Repair Services


Nagahara flutes only provides maintenance and repair services to Nagahara instruments. Customers must contact our office by e-mail or phone to make an appointment prior to shipping the instrument to us. Instruments sent to our office without an appointment are subject to be declined serviced at that time and be returned to the customer at their expense or be held for additional time until the next available appointment. For emergency repairs, we usually can assist immediately, but please notify our office right away prior to shipping the instrument to us.


Please make sure to include a Maintenance Form with your instrument to ensure a correct return address and provide all necessary information to property  identify your instrument.  Also, please specify anything in specific that you would like us to pay special attention to aside from the overall check-up.



Types of Services:
COA (clean, oil, adjust) annual maintenance (from $400 + shipping cost): 

A complete inspection and cleaning of the instrument. Minor adjustments to mechanism and pads.  COA’s do not cover dents, scratches, or damage resulting from a lack of basic customer cleaning & maintenance. General wear is also not covered by a COA.  Nagahara Pads are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase.  There is an additional charge for single pad replacement after the first year of instrument ownership ($45 for main line & foot joint  pads, $20 for trill and R1).


Semi Overhaul (from $1,450 + shipping cost):
This option is a good choice for those who do not need a full body deep polish but would like to restore the flexibility of the instrument’s pads and refresh the felts and adjustment papers.  The semi overhaul includes the change of pads, felts, adjustment papers and corks. This service option does not cover dents, scratches, or damage resulting from a lack of basic customer cleaning & maintenance.


Complete overhaul (from $1,650+shipping cost): 

A total refurbishing and reconditioning in order to return the flute to “as new” condition. Complete disassembly, inspection, cleaning, and polishing. Major dents and deep scratches can also be repaired in a complete overhaul.



Headjoint/Tenon fitting: 

After purchasing a Nagahara headjoint, you can have it perfectly fitted to your flute’s barrel. We offer this service to Nagahara and non-Nagahara flute owners (meaning the headjoint is Nagahara and the body is of another maker). For those fitting gold headjoints to silver bodies, we are able to add a temporary silver sleeve to the tenon of the gold headjoint for a proper fit (usually lasts 4-5 years or more with proper care). This is an additional service available for $175 and it will not damage your headjoint in any way. In the event a customer would like to upgrade to a gold body, the silver sleeve may be removed by Nagahara flutes or an authorized dealer/repair technician.



Repairs (shop hourly rate + shipping cost): 

Work done on instruments to restore back to normal playing conditions.  Our shop hourly rate of $110/hr applies to all repairs that are not under warranty (cost of repairs to rectify  damage caused by accidents or customer’s negligence are not covered by  our warranty).

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