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Custom Headjoint Orders


To begin your order please complete the form below. Once the order has reached our office, a sales representative will contact you to confirm the chosen specifications, discuss price estimates and timeline for delivery.


Starting your Order:


Once confirmed, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to start production of your headjoint order paid by check or wire transfer to NNI Inc. The remaining balance is due after completion of the instrument and prior to shipping or pick-up. Please note that according to state law a 6.25% sales tax must be added to any items picked-up or shipped within the state of Massachusetts.


Changes or cancellation to an order may be granted only before production begins by sending a formal request in writing to the Nagahara staff. Once the headjoint is started no changes may be made and the order is considered to be final. Custom headjoint orders are considered to be final, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.


Each Nagahara headjoint comes with a leather french style case and a complimentary headjoint fitting service appoitnement for simple stretch fit cases (shipping cost not included). For more complex fitting that may require a silver sleeve installation additional charges would apply.

Note: Our company specialized in the making of custom professional hand-made flutes and headjoints. We always maintain a selection of headjoints made with the most popular material combination and cuts available for trial and purchase at any time. Custom orders are encouraged after trying the current selection or being familiarized with the Nagahara headjoint specifications. An expert flute consultant may assist you with this information by contacting the Nagahara shop.

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